Sunday, March 8, 2015

Duke University Women's Rowing Scrimmages the University of Tennessee

   The Duke Women's Rowing team traveled to Oak Ridge Tennessee this weekend to scrimmage the University of Tennessee. Each boat raced four 1500 meter pieces. Duke's squad consisted of; a first varsity 8, a second varsity 8, a varsity 4, a second varsity 4, and a third varsity 4.  We had great success across the entire group during all four of the pieces.

    A big shout out goes to Duke's varsity eight and varsity 4 that won each of their races and stayed in front of the University of Tennessee!

   Today showed us just how much depth we have as a program and how exciting this spring season will be for us Blue Devils!!

                                                                   GO DUKE!

Varsity 8 

Varsity 4's Race

2nd Varsity 8