Thursday, December 19, 2013

2014 Spring Racing Schedule


  Sun, Mar 09



Oak Ridge, Tenn. (Melton Lake)

  All Day

  Sat, Mar 15 -
  Sun, Mar 16
 Cardinal Invite Oak Ridge, Tenn. (Melton Lake)   All Day
  Sat, Mar 22  Clemson, Indiana, Purdue Clemson, S.C. (Lake Hartwell)   All Day
  Sat, Apr 05  Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon State, Stanford Lowell, Ore. (Dexter Lake)   All Day
  Sat, Apr 19 -
  Sun, Apr 20
 Clemson Invite Clemson, S.C. (Lake Hartwell)   All Day
  Sat, Apr 26  Syracuse & Michigan State Charlottesville, Va. (Lake Monticello)   All Day
  Sat, May 17  ACC Championship Clemson, S.C. (Lake Hartwell)   All Day
  Fri, May 30 -
  Sun, Jun 01
 NCAA Championships Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Creek Park)   TBA

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                                                             GO DUKE!

Lots of Exciting Things Happening for the Duke Women's Rowing Program!

Click the link below to read more about our new boathouse and increase in scholarships.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013


At Duke, it’s sometimes hard not to get caught up in the fast-paced, minute-to-minute, class-to-practice-to-library schedule that comes with the territory of attending such a competitive university. As student-athletes, we are constantly studying for the next exam, choosing classes for the next semester, or training for the next big race. However, as our senior fall comes to an end, amidst cramming for another round of finals and bartering with our parents for more food points, it seems necessary to take a moment and reflect on the present.

This team has shaped our past three years at Duke, and will undoubtedly continue to shape us for the rest of our lives. We have lived and breathed DWR since the moment we joined this team, and have the privilege of calling this group of incredible young women our family. This year, our team has experienced unprecedented growth both on and off the water. From our new freshmen, to our upperclassmen, to our fellow senior classmates, we have come to cherish each member of this team, and each moment we experience together.   

It’s hard to believe that only one semester remains between us and life outside the Gothic wonderland of Duke. While we will most likely not go on to compete with this sport following graduation, this team has defined our college experience, and we both feel certain that our lives have changed for the better because of it. We cannot wait to help DWR continue to rise in the rankings this spring, surpass all expectations, and break records both on and off the water. We will always be proud to be Blue Devils and call Lake Michie our home.

          - Caroline Kiritsy & Elizabeth Howell

Friday, November 22, 2013

Junior Rower: Sophia Staal talks about her rowing experience at Duke

Junior Rower: Sophia Staal- My Rowing Experience as a Walk-On Athlete at DUKE
It was the first week of freshman year. I was dazed and confused, wandering from class to meal to class without any direction. On my third day of school I auditioned for a play. It was a disaster, I definitely did not get a callback, and it dawned on me that the interests and activities that had defined me in high school – theatre and music – were beyond my reach here; I simply could not compete. So I took a different approach. Someone had put up flyers around my dorm and at the dining hall that read “Tall, athletic, or tough enough to make up the difference? Come try America’s oldest collegiate sport!” followed by a picture of some people rowing. Before this point, I had given approximately 5 minutes of thought to the sport of rowing in my entire life. Looking back, I cannot tell you what inspired me to write down the email address on that poster and send a message saying “I’m tall and athletic, I’ll try out.”
            When I showed up for ‘practice’ the next week, I didn’t know what an erg was called, or how to use it. I didn’t know what a coxswain was, or how to spell it (who does?), and I also believed that I was joining a club sport. It has been two years and two months since that day, and a lot has changed. I have not only learned how to use an erg, but I have come to love this strange, seemingly torturous apparatus, just like I have come to love everything about this strange, incredibly difficult, beautiful sport. I went from thinking “I’ll just try this for one year” to thinking, “four years is not enough give me more!”  It is the most challenging, most rewarding thing I have ever done, and I cannot even imagine my Duke experience without DWR.
            I know how lucky I am that fate put this opportunity in my way. But I am even more grateful because I get to be part of this team now, when we are right on the verge of achieving something amazing: going to the NCAA Championships. It is a huge goal. But when I look around me at practice, and see my teammates crushing it every day on the erg, in the boat or in the weight room, there is no doubt in my mind that we are going to achieve it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Duke Women's Rowing Fall Racing Recap

    Duke Women's Rowing completed their 2013 fall season with some GREAT results.  First, we competed against the University of Tennessee on our home course here in North Carolina.  We raced in varsity 4+'s and 2-'s, and novice 8+'s.  Duke boat's finished on top in all the varsity events! Next we traveled to Princeton, NJ for the Princeton Chase Regatta.  We entered 3 varsity 8+'s and were able to finish 13th, 24th, and 31st out of 54 boats!

   Looking back at our fall racing it is evident that our program is gaining a lot of depth and intersquad competition.  Both continue to help our team rise to that next level.  We are highly motivated and ready to train hard this winter.  Lots of great energy on the team!
Duke Women's Rowing Varsity Squad 2013-2014

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Incredible racing from the team.  Varsity 4+ started the day with a big 2nd place finish behind #6 UVA and in front of #16 Clemson.  The 2nd Varsity 8+ raced incredibly aggressive into a tough head wind and finished 4th just behind Miami.  And the big race of the day came from the Varsity 8+.  The boat was just behind Clemson and UVA pushing it's lead, when coxswain Caroline Kiritsy called a move to pull up with Clemson at the 750m to go.  Once even, Duke put on a great sprint and finished 3 seconds ahead of #16 Clemson and only 8 seconds behind #6 UVA.  UVA is one of the fastest eights in the country according to cMax polls (I would agree) and this puts our eight in the speed of other top 10-12 boats in the country.  "Go to the Speed!" Nice job Duke!

ACC Championships 2nd Place in 2 NCAA boats!

Varsity 8:
Virginia 6:46.08
Duke 6:54.35
Clemson 6:57.47
Miami 7:04.19
Boston College 7:14.18
North Carolina 7:29.18

2nd Varsity 8:
Virginia 7:05.17
Clemson 7:11.98
Miami 7:21.46
Duke 7:25.54
Boston College 7:32.11
North Carolina 7:41.18

Varsity Four:
Virginia 7:27.16
Duke 7:36.74
Clemson 7:38.06
Boston College 7:51.59
North Carolina 7:56.93
Miami 7:58.10

Frosh/Novice 8:
Virginia 7:18.61
North Carolina 7:30.24
Clemson 7:33.01
Boston College 7:35.13
Duke 7:54.45
Miami 8:13.53