Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Incredible racing from the team.  Varsity 4+ started the day with a big 2nd place finish behind #6 UVA and in front of #16 Clemson.  The 2nd Varsity 8+ raced incredibly aggressive into a tough head wind and finished 4th just behind Miami.  And the big race of the day came from the Varsity 8+.  The boat was just behind Clemson and UVA pushing it's lead, when coxswain Caroline Kiritsy called a move to pull up with Clemson at the 750m to go.  Once even, Duke put on a great sprint and finished 3 seconds ahead of #16 Clemson and only 8 seconds behind #6 UVA.  UVA is one of the fastest eights in the country according to cMax polls (I would agree) and this puts our eight in the speed of other top 10-12 boats in the country.  "Go to the Speed!" Nice job Duke!

ACC Championships 2nd Place in 2 NCAA boats!

Varsity 8:
Virginia 6:46.08
Duke 6:54.35
Clemson 6:57.47
Miami 7:04.19
Boston College 7:14.18
North Carolina 7:29.18

2nd Varsity 8:
Virginia 7:05.17
Clemson 7:11.98
Miami 7:21.46
Duke 7:25.54
Boston College 7:32.11
North Carolina 7:41.18

Varsity Four:
Virginia 7:27.16
Duke 7:36.74
Clemson 7:38.06
Boston College 7:51.59
North Carolina 7:56.93
Miami 7:58.10

Frosh/Novice 8:
Virginia 7:18.61
North Carolina 7:30.24
Clemson 7:33.01
Boston College 7:35.13
Duke 7:54.45
Miami 8:13.53