Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First time in Duke History at ACC

In Duke's strongest performance, the varsity four (seeded third) of coxswain Ashleigh Anne McKinney, Allison Beattie, Elizabeth Howell, Nancy McKinstry and Lissa Glynn were able to push past ACC front-runner Virginia, and take second by under one second with a time of 7:46.6, marking the first time in championship history that Duke has beaten Virginia. Clemson captured first, crossing the finish line at 7:37.9.

1. Clemson, 7:37.9
2. Duke, 7:46.6
3. Virginia, 7:47.1
4. North Carolina, 7:56.8
5. Boston College, 7:59.6
6. Miami, 8:31.0