Thursday, October 21, 2010

Duke Rowing Medals at Head of Genesee

DURHAM, N.C. - Duke rowing came away with three medals, including two in the open 8+ and one in the open 4+, in the program's first trip to the Head of the Genesee on Saturday afternoon.

Pictures from Carole Baker:

Duke's A entry in the open 8+ of coxswain Justine Hong, Emily Theys, Rory Erickson-Kulas, Alex Japhet, Katie Burke, Kathy Smithwick, Laura Sciarrino, Kathryn Lowry and Stephanie Rosser took first place, while Duke's second boat of coxswain Caroline Kiritsy, Ashleigh Anne McKinstry, Katy Gregor, Grace Cassidy, Breanna Briede, Laura Kuhlman, Sydney Johnson, Laura Guth and Joline Doedens took third in the competition.

In the open 4+, Duke's boat of coxswain Emi Marchetti, Alison Beattie, Tori Arendt, Julijana Englander and Shannon Sims took third overall.

The Blue Devils have now claimed first-place finishes in five of the six races they have entered during the fall season. Up next for the team is a two-day event at the Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Nov. 6 and 7.

Head of the Genesee
Duke Results
October 16, 2010
Rochester, N.Y.

Open Eight
1st - Duke A (17:16.57)
2nd - Buffalo A (17:49.70)
3rd - Duke B (17:56.08)
4th - Syracuse A (18:11.01)
5th - Buffalo B (18:03.97)
6th - Cornell A (18:21.55)
7th - Syracuse B (18:12.59)
8th - Buffalo LWT (18:28.57)
9th - Duquesne A (18:40.22)
10th - Duquesne B (19:09.12)

Open Four
1st - Cornell A (18:51.94)
2nd - Cornell B (19:41.86)
3rd - Duke A (19:58.44)
4th - Hamilton (20:15.64)
5th - Buffalo A (20:00.98)
6th - Duke B (21:05.26)
7th - Buffalo B (20:47.70)
8th - William Smith (20:47.43)
9th - Geneseo (21:43.85)
10th - Duke C (22:47.66)
11th - Rochester (23:03.09)
12th - D'Youville (23:05.99)
13th - Cazenovia (25:13.96)
14th - Canisius (26:02.45)