Monday, April 6, 2009

We went to Disney World!

Our rowers needed a well deserved break. After racing in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Austin, Texas, Washington D.C. and finally Orlando, we all went to Disney. The four rowers (Kathy, Bri, Laura, and Caroline) holding the flag took took me to Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. I will post my video on YouTube of the roller coaster ride. Yes, lots of screaming!

We have 2 weeks to prepare for the ACC Championships. We have learned a lot about ourselves and our rowing over the last month. Our boats continue to work more and more closely together. Particularly the freshman 8+ that has the sky as the limit. Our varsity 8+ has some underclassmen that have really stepped up. And our varsity and novice 4+ have shown a lot of race savvy.

We continue to expand upon our strengths and we continue to remedy areas that need improvement. The athletes have shown a tremendous amount of dedication to both their rowing and their school work. I am proud to be working with this very dedicated group of rowers.